EcoTT Set on Taking over the Global Market with Hanji Safety Mask and Konjac with Dark Temptation, a Snack for Weight Control

2019-05-17 09:30 출처: EcoTT Co., Ltd.

SEOUL--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 05월 17일 -- EcoTT Co., Ltd., a Korean general trading company, announced the plan to launch its new products including Novrect Hanji Safety Mask and Konjac with Dark Temptation, a snack for weight control, on Amazon and Qoo10.

Launched by EcoTT’s sanitary and anti-infection brand Novrect, Hanji Safety Mask is a laminated paper product which consists of Korean traditional paper Hanji, which is made of paper mulberry, and LOHAS certified pure cotton. It is manufactured with a patented eco-friendly method and obtained certification of KF94 from Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Paper mulberry is extremely soft to touch, and it can restrain the propagation of germs and moisture created by breathing due to its antimicrobial property and high water absorption capacity.

With its smooth material and wide surface, the mask’s ear loop part makes sure it feels comfortable when you wear it. This foldable product also features flexible nose clip and cup-shape design that sits tightly on the line from the cheekbone to the jaw, making it perfect protection against fine dust.

Konjac with Dark Temptation is a snack for weight control that is launched recently by Supertree, EcoTT’s food brand. The product is made with Konjac, also known as devil’s tongue jelly, and supplemented its nutritional contents with black rice.

The product contains konjac rice, which is a rice-shaped mixture of konjac and tapioca starch, and black rice. The ingredients are roasted the same way as the Korean traditional snack, popped rice is made, and it is very convenient to eat. It can be eaten with milk or hot water like cereal and reduces calories when cooked with rice.

“We will do our best to invent products that make our life healthier and launch a variety of new products on the global market,” said Park Hyun-Jin, CEO of EcoTT.

The products can be purchased at the EcoTT shopping mall (

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